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7 million birds dead or killed in the United States since March 2015 due to bird flu. That’s fact, not fiction. New mutations of avian flu virus reappear in Southeast Asia regularly, killing people, not just poultry. Somewhere between 1 and 4 people out of 5 who contract avian flu virus die. Healthy people. This virus is a non-discriminatory killer.

More facts: before Ebola there was bird flu. After Ebola there will be bird flu. The question is not whether, but when.

If you think a deadly disease passed by body fluids is scary, wait until you encounter one that infects by the simple and necessary act of breathing. The last time avian flu unleashed a plague on humankind, it killed over 50 million people. It did not then, and will not now, spare America. The hurdles we face in protecting ourselves will be enormous.

Welcome to the world of Virion, a gripping story of man versus virus. From the gleaming laboratories of the United States to the steamy deltas of Southeast Asia, the microbe taunts global experts to predict its behavior. Drs. Ken Culp and Lou Symington set international leaders on a collision course as they race against time and each other to prevent an epidemic that will kill millions. Everyone fears the destructive virus, but the real threat may be the arrogance of man.

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Also in the writing department:

Thrilled to say thanks to StoryQuilt magazine for publishing my short story, “Reunion,” a memoir-ish travelogue through the Canadian Rockies by train. Here is the link:    I hope you enjoy it!

Events and signings:

Final Accomplishment: Living Longer, Dying Better

Women in Business Network, Nov 18, 2015                                                              United Senior Services: Feb 18, 2016                                                                         Sinclair Community College, Alzheimer’s Association, Miami Valley Chap., 3/31/16

Healthy You, sponsored by Community Health Foundation. Tuesday, October 4, 5-7 pm.

Thrilled that Mary Alice Wilson, owner of Dark Star Books in Yellow Springs, OH invited me to occupy her precious sidewalk space during the wildly popular 2015 YS Street Fair! Over 10,000 people make this idyllic village a destination for this day-long semi-annual event. Signing on Sat June 13th, and Sat October 10. See you there!

Past events:

November 2014 – Orpha Book Club. Thanks to Julie Garrigan and her group for the invite, and hosting at Garrigan’s Office Supply.

October 2014 – Park Library Book Club. Thanks to Marie Flickinger and her group for the invite.

June 2014 – Clark County Public Library Author’s Fair

March 2013 – AAUW Annual meeting. Four local women authors invited. Thanks to Trish Garrison:

True science nerd. Truly.
Science nerd. Truly. I love science.



4 authors
Better without the glasses. But less credible. Ah, the dilemmas of being a woman!







January 2014 – First Friday Springfield, OH. Invited by Champion City Supply to host book signing. Thanks to Nancy Flinchbaugh for setting up. Next event to be coordinated better with Old Man Winter…

Many thanks to Claudia Fett, and the Covenant Book Group for their invitations earlier.

Scheduling an Event with Dr. MJ 

With 20+ years of experience as an actively practicing family physician, and now hospitalist, I speak on many topics in medicine at a variety of forums of interest to the general public, including conferences, radio spots, academic gatherings, clubs and charitable organizations. Please see my CV on this web-site for expanded credentials and previous topics.

I am available for your event or group if you are within a 2 hour drive of the heartland represented by Springfield, Ohio.  Fees are dependent on the event, planning time necessary, and expectations, and are often waived, particularly if time is allotted for book signing. I never charge for coming to your book club to discuss Virion if you have more than 10 participants. I provide a free copy to the scheduler as well. Please email me at if you are interested.

Current Projects:

Final Accomplishment: Living Longer, Dying Better.  Currently querying agents and publishers

Neverborn – fiction – in process

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