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-evidence based data on corona virus

-articles curated by me on a variety of topics affected by the pandemic, some of which is data based, and some of which is opinion, all of it in my opinion, offering something valuable.

-my frontline experience of working as a hospitalist in southern California, admitting our sickest patients

-my habits/ advice on same

Welcome to Dr. MJ Is In, your connection to the fascinating world of medicine. Here you’ll find evidence-based information on the latest issues in health care –COVID 19 front and center right now, and health care policy (Health Care Reform). There’s a section of medical satire (Parallel Universe), and a blog where I chronical personal stories I think you will find interesting–often travel-related and humor (A Day in the Life).

You will also find a page devoted to my medical suspense novel, Virion, which unfortunately is way too predictive of what we’re going through. I wrote it 15 years ago to try to inform the public creatively, and those in charge urgently, what we needed to beware of and prepare for as a society. I confess not even my fertile imagination was ready for the rapidity of global spread (things have advanced in 15 years), or the ineptitude of the U.S. government.


A recent addition to this site is my non-fiction handbook, Final Accomplishment: Living Longer, Dying Better, a candid look at how to plan for, take control of, and improve what is likely to be a longer phase of our lives than we envision. While looking for an agent and publisher, I have posted the opening chapters of the book, and have several chapters available for downloading.

Thrilled to say thanks to StoryQuilt magazine for publishing my short story, “Reunion,” a memoir-ish travelogue through the Canadian Rockies by train. Here is the link:   http://www.story-quilt.com/reunion/    I hope you enjoy it!

You are welcome to ask questions through the site. I choose to answer those questions that will serve the broadest number of people. If I do answer your question it is not to be construed as a personal diagnosis or treatment plan, and does not replace your relationship, nor consultation with, your provider.

Happy to have you here in these unparalleled times. Let me know how I can help.